Beyond the Burger

So, I’m really quite bad at this whole frequent updates thing apparently, but I have found something to write about!

Recently (like a week ago), my whole family decided to go vegan, thanks to my very vegan youngest brother and a variety of health benefits. Personally, I haven’t found it very difficult to transition or give up non-vegan foods. I had already gone vegetarian for a few weeks before this and I haven’t really drank milk in years (I much prefer soy/almond varieties to the real stuff), but I always thought I loved cheese too much to ever give it all up. Surprisingly, cheese hasn’t weighed too much on my mind since the switch, and the hardest thing to give upo for me has been the ease of eating without scrutinizing the ingredients. That being said, having a little brother who has already tested out the best and worst vegan products (watch out for some of those “cheese” products) has been a great help.

This being said, new products come out all the time and we are always eager to try them out. Through twitter I recently saw this new product from Beyond Meat:


I was floored by this extraordinarily realistic looking burger and searched the internet to figure out where I could find this marvel. Unfortunately, Beyond Meat had just done a short trial launch… in Colorado, and they still haven’t settled on a country-wide release date. :'(

So, when I saw they were running a contest to win a free sample of these burgers I hurriedly entered as many times as possible (sorry twitter followers). To my surprise, I was one of the 10 winners chosen! I got my package a day after sending them my address and anxiously waited for my ability to taste to return (colds suck!) so I could try them out. While I was disappointed that an environmentally friendly company sent such an unnecessarily large package, the overall look was quite cool when I pulled it out of the big box (plus I got a hat!).

When my sense of taste finally returned, I cooked the patties up for dinner. My anxiety over cooking them too long, as it explicitly says not to do on the instructions, may have caused me to pull them off the skillet too early (our debate over whether or not it was too pink was settled by the fact that it wasn’t actually meat so it should be fine), but they were still delicious.

IMG_9509 IMG_9506


The burgers were very realistic in both taste and texture. As my brother said, “I’m pretty sure I’ve had real burgers that tasted faker than this.” It’s very clear that these are not veggie burgers geared towards vegans and vegetarians, but rather your average meat eaters that want to be healthier without any inconvenience to them. My brother said he almost didn’t like it because he felt like he was eating something unethical, it felt so real.

IMG_9507 IMG_9508


Juicy, flavorful, AND guilt free, one could almost say this is the perfect burger. Our only regret is that the package only had two. I can definitely say the whole family is eagerly waiting the general release of these burgers. If your’e the type of vegan/vegetarian that actually likes meat, I suggest you keep an eye out for these in your local Whole Foods. 10/10, would try again (hint hint @ Beyond Meat).

But maybe thats just me.

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